The Importance of Cleanability in Education

Why Cleanability is Important

Classrooms have always been a potential incubator for germs.  Now more than ever, classroom products need to be ahead of the spread; easy to disinfect, durable for repeated use, and functional. Products that can’t make the grade can cause gaps in learning, distractions in the classroom, and take away from the time teachers need to teach students.  

In addition to the tangible reasons why cleanability is important, there are also emotional and psychological ones. The state of a staff or student’s workplace greatly influences their productivity, performance, and well-being. They approach attending school or work differently if they if they feel safe, healthy, and able to perform at their best.

A clean and healthy space truly can make all the difference in fostering the future!

Less time cleaning = more time for learning

Today, we are featuring two of our hygienic porcelain whiteboards, perfect for classroom integration, that receive an A+ on cleanability, durability, and functionality.

Call them the communication tool of the future – or call them our new Hygienic Porcelain whiteboards! Resistant to scratching, ghosting, or staining, our boards now clean themselves. Within Suffused with micro silver particles, these whiteboards work so you don’t have to, keeping your work area clean from all the things you can and can’t see. 24 hours of contact, the micro silver particles eliminate bacteria and viruses, which is particularly helpful when in areas like classrooms.

Our classic wall-mounted Hygienic Porcelain Whiteboard offers every benefit of a traditional whiteboard, with the bonus of self-cleaning technology. The porcelain-enameled surface resists scratching, while the aluminum frame and mitered corners give your board extra strength. Delivered in worry-free packaging that is specifically designed to ship whiteboards, every step from start to finish is simple and efficient.

The Hygienic Porcelain Mobile Whiteboard is everything we’ve mentioned already – on wheels! We wanted one of our hygienic porcelain boards to be configurable to any space and easy to transport from classroom to classroom. The heavy-duty casters make moving it easy, gliding smoothly across everything from carpet to hardwood. Additionally, the locking reverse mechanism makes flipping from each side of the board hassle-free.

With Ghent, you can confidently spend less time cleaning your whiteboards, and more time teaching a classroom that supports the generations to come.


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