Why Customization Matters



The Benefits Beyond Decor

When you think of office customization, I’m sure the first aspect that comes to mind is decor. Yes, adding touches of your personality—or the personality of your brand—can be hugely beneficial. It can help you enjoy looking at your workspace, and make it an overall positive space to be in. However, there is an aspect of office customization that directly affects team productivity. 

Employees have the opportunity to work more effectively and enjoy areas that reflect their identity (or brand identity) more than areas that are unadorned, plain, and lacking interest. Personalized workspaces can offer clients conversation starters, and even build better foundations of trust between the business and the client. It also helps when pieces are multi-functional, and add value to the experience of working in that space.

Making It Work for You

Custom made office furniture can be a transformational asset to your space! Office spaces are a place we spend more time than we may realize – if you work a 40-hour work week, you’re spending 2,000 hours in the office every year. Therefore, depending upon how your office is set up, it can either energize or drain you. Below, we’ve listed out several products that will offer a professional, personalizable, and configurable solution for your office space needs.



Stroll Mobile Glassboards

Our Stroll Mobile Glassboards are a multi-purpose and fully customizable option for your workspace. Set on wheels, Stroll Mobile allows you to take your ideas on the go, which comes in particularly handy if you have an open office space without ample writing surfaces.. You can utilize a single glassboard, or line up multiple boards to create space division and functionality that meets your needs. The glass comes in 18 standard colors, but if you are in search of a more unique option, we can create custom colors for you. A full acoustic fabric panel is also available, and able to be made in one of 6 standard colors or you can use custom fabrics – choose from Maharam or Guilford of Maine brands. Stroll also comes in multiple sizes, including a T-base option that is designed to separate workspaces while offering the full functions of our mobile glassboards. 


Floor Partition

Floor Partitions are the quintessential example of a truly configurable office addition. Converting any space into a collaboration zone, Floor Partitions were created with privacy and collective brainstorming in mind. Functioning as a “third space”, this lightweight partition can be chosen to have 1-3 panels per partition, and has the option of whiteboard, acoustic PET, tackable vinyl or cork to ensure that whether you’re working individually or together, the space you create with these partitions serves you in more ways than one. Their modular design creates ease with set up and tear down, making them simple to travel with and sturdy enough to last. 


Impression Bulletin Boards

These bulletin boards do more than leave an impression! Our Impression Bulletin Boards come in a variety of frame options, cork and fabric colors to make this already-sleek design even more “you”! Our burned chocolate cork is inherently unique compared to standard cork, and is smooth, self-healing and incredibly resilient. Displaying announcements and other messages with sophistication, this customizable and unique option is sure to turn heads.


Customized office furniture and accents can get the most out of your space, aiding you in laying the foundation to nurture the performance, engagement and satisfaction not only of your employees, but your clients, too!


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