Make It Yours: Customization For You



Let’s Get Personal

The office is changing, and so is employee culture. Individuals want spaces that reflect who they are and what their brand is, so as to support more creativity. Personality is now a welcomed aspect of office design, and custom office furniture is becoming increasingly more desirable. 

Through the incorporation of customizable furniture in the office, you can let your staff know that their preferences and personalities are embraced. Custom furniture isn’t just a table or chair – it’s an experience that offers the opportunity to showcase and value your team and their different expressions. 


Bringing It All Together

Custom writing boards are an efficient and easy way to bring customization and organization into one piece. Let’s take a deeper look into some of our favorite options!



Aria Glassboards are a sleek variant of the classic whiteboard. Mounted on your office wall, they achieve the look of floating glass. The frameless glass board allows for an uninterrupted writing surface, and is offered in nine standard sizes, ranging from 2’x3’ to 4’x10’, and is available in both a magnetic or non-magnetic surface. Here’s where the fun comes in – Aria is available in eighteen standard colors, or your favorite custom color, giving you a plethora of customizing opportunities! For that extra special touch, you can brand it with a graphic or your company logo.

Additionally, with our efforts in making the Earth a greener place, Aria is Level-2 certified, which means that it’s made with intentionality and consideration towards the planet in mind, while still maintaining the standard of being a high-performance product. In short, Aria is environmentally preferable and socially responsible.


Harmony Glassboards are another option that can fit into any office space – traditional or modern. Available with round or square corners, eighteen standard color options or a custom color as well as coming in seven different sizes, we’ve paired functionality with sharp attention to create this line of glass boards. Harmony Glassboards are also LEVEL ® 2 certified, meaning it is an environmentally-preferable and socially-responsible office product.


If you have an open-workspace, office furniture needs to be easily configurable and accessible. The Prest Mobile Whiteboard offers all the benefits of a classic glassboard but can be easily moved to meet any of your needs. While this glassboard also comes with the same color options as the ones previously mentioned, Prest can also be selected to have a glass, porcelain whiteboard or fabric surface. Fabrics come in 28 standard colors, or custom color upon request. It’s eye-catching wood frame and matte black detailing gives all the aesthetic appeal for your open-office while maintaining the flexibility to suit the ebb and flow of your daily needs.


Hex Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards bring a whole new meaning to functional design. It’s hexagonal shape adds an eye-catching element to any space. Hex combines a unique artistic offering to the table, and with its functional design, it will leverage your workspace while meeting day to day needs. Our glass surface for Hex is created with sustainability in mind, with eco-friendly water-based paints. Additionally, the wrapped fabric surface is both tackable and acoustically rated, keeping the noise down and your focus high


Overall, allowing your staff the freedom to customize their pieces empowers them in greater ways, and supports the look and feel of your workspace, giving you a brand “look” that you love.



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