Interior Trends of 2021


2021 will undoubtedly be an interesting year for interior design, and we are seeing beautiful emerging trends on the horizon. As we reflect on what has happened in the last twelve months, individuals are reimagining their office interiors – and deciding how their office will operate, too. Supporting those who work in your office through beautifully executed interior design encourages a better sense of well-being and productivity. Here are some themes trending that we appreciate!


Resimercial Offices

A trend that we see coming on the scene is called “Resimercial” (which stands for residential commercial). This new way of design incorporates a professional atmosphere with one that is more home-like. Mixing these two features helps employees (and clients) feel comfortable while also maintaining a sense of professionalism. 

Features of a Resimercial Office: 

  • •   Natural Fibers — think cotton, wool, hemp, flax, silk, and jute. 
  • •   Plants — they are a beautiful and earth-friendly way to decorate! Plus, they help keep the air clean.
  • •   Comfortable seating — you can make things cozy and professional, it’s true! 
  • •   Natural/Warm lighting — natural or warm light is a proven mood-booster, so why not incorporate it into your new office design?


Sustainable Offices

While sustainability may not solely be a way to decorate, we are seeing a huge wave of offices taking up more eco-conscious habits – that also play a part in the interior design of the space! Opting for a “green” office is a way to demonstrate your commitment to the environment and hire talent that aligns in similar ways.

Features of a Sustainable Offices: 

  • •   Recycled Fabrics and Natural Fibers — much like the Resimercial trend, natural fibers are in. Fibers/Fabrics like linen, raw/organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo make for much more eco-friendly choices. 
  • •   Recycling bins — adding recycling bins throughout your office encourages staff to become aware and more mindful of how they dispose of rubbish.
  • •   Energy-saving lights — a small, but efficient way to make positive change in your office.

Flexible Offices

As we’ve stated before, 2020 shifted the way the office functions. With social-distancing guidelines still in effect and employees returning to work sporadically, offices are re-thinking the design of their space. How do you support both functionality and safety? 

Features of a Flexible Office:

  • •   Open layouts — Contrary to popular belief, open office spaces are still being implemented and have a lot of benefits to offer because they allow for configurable furniture that supports physical distancing. With open layouts comes the need for more creative organization and collaboration zones. Pallet Display provides just that, with shelving for display or organizational use, as well as accessory options like whiteboards, cubbies, accessory hooks, and additional shelving. 
  • •   Configurable furniture — moveable boards such as Prest or Stroll blend into open spaces, functioning solo as a mobile board or by lining up multiple in a row you can use them as space division. With their customizable colors, you can also stay up to date on the latest color trends and give your office a fun pop of color.  Additionally, partitions, tables and chairs on wheels, and modular seating all work beautifully in open spaces and can be easily arranged for team projects or solo efforts. Define offers multiple functions, one of which is bench seating. With customizable fabrics and configurable layouts, this piece is a staple for any open office. 


The “Ultimate” “Illumination”

As far as color trends for the office, Pantone has unveiled “Illuminating Yellow” and “Ultimate Gray” as the colors for interiors in 2021. While the experts at Pantone typically release one color, they have released two to convey the message of both joy and fortitude. “Illuminating” is a bright, optimistic yellow that represents happiness and “Ultimate Gray” is a pebble gray, representing dependability and strength. These feel like the perfect shades to incorporate into the office in this new year!

However you choose to reconfigure your space, any of these trends will be beneficial well beyond the year 2021, and will help carry your team into a more productive, engaged, and positive mindset. 


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