Why Choose a Floor Partition Now?


Floor Partitions: The New Way to Collaborate

While there are endless benefits to open workspaces, there will always be situations when a little added privacy is especially advantageous. That is why we created the Floor Partition, a new way to collaborate at work. Designed with concentration and collaboration at the forefront, this office addition supports the modern workflow, all while offering visual privacy with an open-air feel that still encourages effective collaboration.

In addition to providing dividers for offices, the Floor Partition is completely customizable, offering a variety of infill options such as corkboard, clear/frosted panels, fabric, tackable vinyl, whiteboards, acoustic PET (made from recycled plastic bottles!), and more. All surfaces come in a variety of colors to give uniqueness to your space while still looking sleek and clean. This method of space division was created to be multi-purpose, giving you the ability to make notes, tack important notes and provide sound protection, to ensure that your time at work is productive and enjoyable. Our partitions are made in the USA, come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, and are shipped in our worry-free packaging, 


All Benefits, No Hassle!

Because of our commitment to crafting high-quality furniture for collaboration at work, our Floor Partition is designed to be easily configurable for multiple uses of space. Intentional in its simple design, it provides over 2.5 million configurations to create a “bonus” space. These partitions shine in classrooms, open offices, healthcare spaces, and collaboration areas, offering all the benefits of a traditional setting without the commitment of permanent walls. The sturdy yet lightweight panels are easy to assemble and break down as needed, making impromptu meetings in your open workspace a breeze. 

While the Floor Partition works great on its own, each unit does come with two Flex Connect components, which can attach multiple units and allow for the creation of multiple angles to suit your specific needs. We also understand that on occasion there is a need for more complex configurations which is why additional connectors are available.

Supporting Workplace Safety

As folks are returning to the office or classroom after months of working from home, the health and wellbeing of individuals is of utmost importance. The benefit to our freestanding partitions is that while it does provide visual privacy, it can support social distancing guidelines and exists as an added margin of safety. We want to support in any way we can, to help your businesses continue to operate and function in a healthy way. 


Ready, Set, Partition

Whether you’re purchasing Floor Partitions to amplify your open office, create stations in your classroom or to create a safe and healthy space for your employees, we look forward to being the latest addition to your workspace. 



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