Why Do the Ergonomics of Whiteboards Matter?


The goal of office ergonomics is to design your workspace so that it benefits you and your team, offering a comfortable working environment that promotes maximum productivity and functionality. 

When it comes to efficiency in the workplace, it’s vital that the products and supplies you and your team use regularly aid in making your day in the office go smoothly. Have you ever been sitting at your desk for hours on end and feeling the strain on your body? It may be time to improve the ergonomics of your office space.

In this article, we are focusing primarily on whiteboards, glassboards, and other mobile writing surfaces, and the benefits of choosing ones that are ergonomically sound. 


What are the Benefits of Ergonomic Writing Surfaces?

Office Functionality

The opportunity for easy collaboration improves exponentially when using mobile whiteboards or glassboards, whether you work in a traditional or an open-layout office. The Roam Mobile Whiteboard was created specifically for this purpose. Created for on-the-go collaboration and efficiency, these mobile whiteboards are full-length, double-sided and edge-to-edge. The edge-to-edge feature allows multiple Roam whiteboards to be pushed together, creating a larger surface for more versatility. Additionally, the height of the whiteboard is optimal for use both when seated and standing, providing more comfort to you and your team.

Physical Comfort

It’s not uncommon for individuals who work in office settings to experience physical discomfort, specifically in regards to their posture. An ergonomic workspace sets up a conducive working posture throughout your day, resulting not just in elevated physical comfort, but in your overall mood, too! 

The Stroll Mobile Glassboard works well for both sitting and standing as well, and is specifically designed with a low center of gravity. Why is this worth mentioning? Think about how many times you’ve had to hold on to a mobile whiteboard or glassboard while using it. Most mobile writing boards, even when in a locked position, lack the gravity needed to provide a functional experience. The low center of gravity provides the stability you need to allow freedom of movement and comfortability while taking notes or presenting to your team. Additionally, it also has heavy-duty locking casters, which allow for easy transport across multiple surfaces, and for maximum stability when in use. The Stroll Mobile Glassboard is also available in a bulletin board version, for even more variety and both surfaces are available in a plethora of standard and custom colors. You can also customize the configuration of your board, depending on your needs (either full glass, full bulletin or a combination of both). The glassboard provides the ability to have your logo printed on it for a beautiful professional touch and comes with the option for a magnetic or non-magnetic writing surface.  

Looking for something that has a sophisticated look and feel that also supports an ergonomic office? The Prest Mobile Whiteboard offers the same benefits as the Roam, while offering a sleek feel to your office or boardroom. Customizable, it comes in glass, porcelain whiteboard or fabric depending on your needs, with multiple wood finishes for the perfect aesthetic addition.




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