Glassboards vs Whiteboards: Pros & Cons




Are Glassboards or Whiteboards Right for Your Office?

Glassboards and whiteboards both help you host productive meetings and brainstorming sessions, but while their function may be similar, these materials have different advantages and drawbacks. To help you choose the right material for your office, learn more about these Ghent offerings below. 



A sleek frameless glassboard appears as if it is hovering on the wall—the perfect accent for any office with a modern flair. Glassboards aren’t just stylish, though. They’re also easy to wipe clean, and because the material is non-porous, it won’t stain or ghost even if someone forgets to erase their work. Ghent’s Aria glassboards also feature a magnetic steel strip at the bottom, making it easy to keep markers and erasers within reach without disrupting the minimalist aesthetic. 

The Aria line is available in 18 standard colors, or you can create a custom color to fit your office’s design. And with seven standard sizes, you can find the right fit from private offices to conference rooms. The one downside of glassboards is a higher price tag than traditional whiteboards—however, with a 50 year warranty from Ghent, you can rely on your glassboard for decades to come. 



Whiteboard is actually a blanket term that can refer to many materials, from porcelain and painted steel to acrylic and non-magnetic surfaces. Porcelain whiteboards feature a ceramic layer laid over steel, so the whiteboard is scratch-resistant and magnet-friendly. For a style that mimics the look of a glassboard at a lower price, Ghent’s Simplicity is made from Acrylite for a durable, lightweight design.

Painted and powder-coated steel whiteboards are both magnetic for ease of use, and while both resist staining and ghosting, they may scratch with persistent use. If you need a magnetic whiteboard at a lower price than glass, porcelain, and Acrylite, steel is a strong choice for everyday use. Lastly, non-magnetic whiteboards are a basic economy option that can still offer years of occasional use backed by a 10-year warranty from Ghent. 


Win Either Way

Whichever option is best for your office, it will ship flat in Ghent’s worry-free packaging, protected by a warranty and ready for easy installation. Still can’t make up your mind? Get more help selecting the right material.




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