Designing for Flexible Spaces


Whether you’re working out of a nontraditional office or you’re trying to modernize your approach to the workplace, designing a flexible office layout is a good idea. Flexible workspaces help you make the most of any office space and create an environment that encourages collaboration, productivity, and an engaged company culture. When you’re designing your new workplace, incorporate these elements to maximize the efficiency of your space.

Impromptu Meeting Spots
Conference rooms make it easy for teams to collaborate, but if your company is growing steadily, overbooked meeting rooms can become a point of friction between your employees. To offset this issue, create a number of spaces throughout the office that can be quickly transformed into informal meeting spaces. With Stroll mobile glassboards on hand, any area can become a place where collaboration happens.

A Place to Relax
A flexible office isn’t just about getting work done--a relaxing break area makes it easier to return to work feeling energized. You can decorate with Hex acoustic panels to brighten the break area and dampen noise. That way coworkers chatting on break won’t have to worry about disturbing others who are focused on their work.

Free-Floating Workspaces
You can strike a balance between the structure of a traditional office and the fluidity of an open office plan with a flexible layout. While employees may appreciate having a designated desk, they’ll also enjoy a change of scenery if they need to shake the afternoon doldrums. Create multiple work stations throughout your office that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Not only will this give your employees some variety in their workday, but it also makes it easy for the office to accommodate visiting sales reps or employees from other branches.

A Sense of Privacy
Open offices have been hailed as a modern workspace that complements teams of multi-talented collaborators. While these spaces can create a unified team environment, they can also leave employees feeling like they don’t have anywhere to focus. Adding space dividers, like the line of Nexus Partitions from Ghent, allows your employees to create a focused environment when they need it. 

Whether you want some or all of the features above for your office, the high-quality office furniture from Ghent can help you customize your workspace. Their sleek modern designs fit well into any workspace, and all their products are made and assembled in the US. To start planning a more effective layout, get more ideas for designing an open office.



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