Designing for Traditional Versus Modern Style


Design Styles 101
When talking about interior design styles, there’s no shortage of descriptors to use: Industrial, Minimalist, Transitional, Rustic, Scandinavian, Bohemian, Eclectic. And the list keeps going. In the end, though, it comes down to two main looks: traditional or modern. Which will you run with in your space? Read on for suggestions on how to carry out either and keep it cohesive throughout your aesthetic.


Characteristics of Traditional Design 
urdesign article does an excellent job at explaining the hallmarks of the tried-and-true style: “Traditional design focuses on rich and dark colors as opposed to modern design where the principal emphasis is on using muted colors and large open spaces. If you want to [...] be in-keeping with traditional design, then you will have to turn your attention to using dark woods in rich tones.”


Characteristics of Modern Design
The same article goes on to highlight components of modern design: “Angular structures and one that focuses on bold, sharp edges are regarded as intrinsically modern, so think to incorporate such into your modern design.” A Decorilla article extends this explanation: “Modernist artists rejected the traditional idealistic view of realism and decided to create expressive artwork in vibrant colors and unlikely forms instead.”


Traditional Versus Modern Design in the Office
What does all this mean when applied to the office setting? Try to incorporate darker woods in your desks and frames in traditional design; for modern design, use lighter woods. For traditional design, stick to classic colors like navy, gray, and beige; for modern design, you have the freedom to use brighter, more vibrant colors.


Traditional Whiteboards
Either way, we can help complete your look. For a traditional setting, consider our Impression Porcelain Whiteboard with a wood frame. With the classic frame profile, the design is timeless and will integrate effortlessly in your space. The premium wood frame comes complete with our hidden marker storage, creating a polished, clutter-free, clean appearance. Like that look but need a bulletin board instead? There’s an Impression Bulletin Board in the line, also.


Modern Whiteboards & Glassboards
If you’re really looking to stand out and make a statement with a modern feel, try Hex Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards. We enlist the assistance of top designers to help us determine colors that speak to modern times. Check out the stunning, vibrant options for glassboards. More than just a pretty place, the Hex boards contain the materiality to dampen noise, post company news, and communicate. With a sleek silhouette, our Stroll mobile glassboard is another modern piece to add to your office.


Which Look Will You Pick?
Whether you choose a Traditional or Modern design style, the most important question is: Does it work for you, your space, and your people? Find the right answer and follow it through so the look stays consistent and feels intentional. Happy decorating! 



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