Prest: An Overview



Just Released 

Looking for a statement piece for your office that will allow you to make literal statements? We have a beauty that combines form and function––and gives capabilities to communicate ideas and brainstorm. Released just this month, we’re excited to announce our newest product, Prest.


Time for an Upgrade 

If you’re ready to upgrade your mobile whiteboard, consider Prest. The combination of matte black steel and the wood frame create a symphony. And with multiple wood and fabric options, you can orchestrate a pairing that will look incredible in your office. 


Pick Your Pairing

The two-sided panel configurations mean you have two options:

  • •   Porcelain Whiteboard and Porcelain Whiteboard, or
  • •   Porcelain Whiteboard and Acoustically-rated Fabric Tackboard

You have three stain options for the wooden frame: Natural Oak, Carmel Oak, and Driftwood Oak. With all the possibilities for combinations, you can really make it your own.


Made to Last 

Simple to maintain, the porcelain surface is bright white and easy to keep clean. The wear-resistant surface does not absorb ink, eliminating staining and ghosting that would otherwise result from repeated use. Designed for longevity, the porcelain enameled surface keeps the dry erase surface from scratching or denting.


All-Inclusive & On a Roll 

A magnetic accessory holder is included to keep all the essentials in one spot––also, four colored markers and an eraser are part of the package. Its heavy-duty locking casters allow Prest to move from carpet to hard floors effortlessly. 


Where to Include Prest

If you’re contemplating where Prest could best be used in your office, consider these suggestions. However, these ideas are only the beginning and your own imagination may have more visualizations. 

Collaboration zones: Prest is great for collaboration areas, providing acoustics, mobility and functionality to a space

Conference rooms: During meetings and events, Prest offers mobility to bring the entire team together to share ideas and inspiration.

Brainstorming areas: When the office gets busy, a mobile whiteboard can divide space and work stations into areas of thinking and collaboration to focus on the task at hand.


Fabric Samples Overnight 

If time is an issue, take advantage of Material Bank. The site ships you samples of the fabrics you are considering. Just order and the next day fabrics will be there for you to ensure it matches your vision. Fabric surface options are available with 21 standard Maharam color choices, but you can choose your own material and custom colors.


Rest Assured

Need a guarantee? Our boards are shipped to you in Ghent's worry-free packaging, designed specifically for shipping whiteboards so you can count on a safe delivery. And Ghent has a 10-year warranty to really put your mind at ease. With all the perks, the real question is what are you waiting for? Request a quote and reserve your piece of office art today.


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