Hexagon Shape Trend



Six Sides of Beauty

A blend of geometrical neatness yet a nod to nature, the hexagon is popping up everywhere. Something about the shape is pleasing to the eye and fits into design concepts in a variety of settings. The question begs to be asked, though: what is it about the six-sided shape that makes it so appealing?


Geometry in Nature 

In this Trend-Monitor article from the UK, Justin Lashley of Waxman Ceramics points out the longevity of the hexagon trend: “There’s a simple reason this trend won’t go away – nature and science won’t allow it,” he says. “As tessellating shapes go, it’s supreme as it can circumscribe the largest area for a given perimeter. So from the gigantic hexagonal cloud storm on Saturn, to the microscopic heart of a snowflake, hexagons are here to stay.”


Applications for the Hexagon 

This Decoist blog post gives dozens of places hexagons have made their debut in high design places. From side tables to paperweights, planters to plates, the shape always adds a level of sophistication and intrigue that elevates the aesthetic. Wood, brass, pottery, and mirror are common materials.


Hex for the Win 

Consider adding Ghent’s hexagonal wall hanging, Hex, to your space for a dose of modernity. Cluster several together for a look that’s reminiscent of a buzzy honeycomb. Or scatter them throughout the office for a common thread across the rooms. Hex combines today’s needs for beautiful and unique spaces with materiality to dampen noise, post company news, and communicate. 

Choose between four different surfaces: LINK Powder-Coated Steel, Glass, Acoustic Panel, and Wrapped Fabric. You can even mix and match a combination of the surfaces for a truly unique look!

With the advantage of universal installation, each Hex surface has the same hardware and process,  providing ultimate flexibility. These perfectly modular hexagons are easy to install using a template that allows you to place your dry erase boards or bulletin boards in a variety of layouts.

So, the next time you’re looking for some design elements to include to a space, look no further than the hexagon. With a mixture of form and function, it makes the perfect addition.


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