Hex Applications



Six, Spectacular Sides

What has six sides and looks spectacular in a design? The hexagon! Read on and consider adding this geometric great to your office.


Wonder of Science

Hexagons hold a special place in nature and science. The shape can be found everywhere from beehives to tortoise shells; from snowflakes to lava columns. This Interesting Engineering article explains why the shape keeps reappearing and the significance of its structure. 


Efficiency and Strength

The article points out that the shape helps maximize use of space: “It was found that if a series of circles were packed on top of each other, there were empty spaces in between them. The only way in which these empty spaces can be avoided is by changing the shape to a hexagon.” In the case of nuts and bolts, the shape helps to leverage more force: “With hexagons, the tool edges find it much easier to grip the bolt. This means that more torque can be transferred to the bolt.” 


Power of the Polygon

Maybe all these applications are what make the shape of the hexagon so visually appealing–we inherently know it packs a punch. So, how can you take this shape and incorporate it into your space? Look no further than Hex, a stunning hexagonal wall hanging from Ghent, has the options of a glass, fabric, steel, or acoustic surface.


How to Use Hex

Here are some ideas on how you can highlight Hex in your office.


  • •    Showcase Your Brand
          Use Hex in walkways and receptions to highlight company awards, cultures and values to employees
          and guests as they walk through your space. 


  • •    Leverage Open Workstations
          Acoustic Hexes allow spaces to be open and airy at the same time. LINK, Glass, Acoustic and
          Tackable Fabric Hexes expand shared workstations for brainstorming sessions and small meetings.


  • •    Functional Art
          Create permanent statement walls to post company news and information while encouraging
          creativity and wellness.


Boundless Options

Hex is available in 4 different surfaces: LINK Powder-Coated Steel, Glass, Acoustic Panel, and Wrapped Fabric. Take advantage of Ghent's free color matching services for additional glass colors. Contact us today to see how can Hex can modernize your office.



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