Workplace that Draws Employees In


Meeting both ends of the spectrum 

More than ever, employees expect a great deal from the workplace. They want a space that feels professional yet approachable. Collaborative yet capable of focus. Comfortable yet classy. You get the idea. How can you check all those boxes?


Third Space
A Work Design article explains the concept of a Third Space: “Ray Oldenburg, an American urban sociologist, coined the term “third place” in the 1980s. The “third place” refers to a social sphere outside the “first place” (the home) and the “second place” (the workplace). It’s often described as a comfortable, welcoming space where people can cultivate relationships with other like-minded people.”


Options for working areas 
So, the idea is that many employees see the office as a second home. An inviting office gives several different settings for working areas. Similar to working at home, where you might have the option of working at the kitchen table, on your laptop on the couch, or if it’s a particularly pretty day, bringing your work outside–an appealing office has the option of different places to work. Sometimes a quick change of scenery is all it takes to solve that business problem you’ve been mulling over.


Encouraging collaboration  
Facilitating cooperation is a big key to success in the workplace. Beyond finding ways for different personality types to collaborate, the right office furniture can play a huge role. Ghent’s mobile glassboard, Stroll, can roll with your ideas. Literally. Glide it where you’re having your next brainstorm and let the brilliance fly.


Keeping it customizable 
Employees want their space to reflect who they are. It’s wise to find options that can be easily personalized so each member can feel at home. Waddell’s space division furniture, Pallet, is configurable to help meet employees’ needs. Adjustable shelves, electric, door pull options, and additional communication accessories allow for personalization.


Supportive environment 
Lastly, try to cultivate a supportive environment in which employees feel nurtured. When employees feel cared for, they are more likely to want to stick around.

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