6 Ways to Enhance Your Workplace



Struggling to accomplish simple tasks at work? Do you find your mind wandering to a particular coffee stain on your desk when crunch time hits? Take some time to reevaluate your workspace to improve your productivity with these quick tips:


Here’s a bright idea: To better regulate those feel-good brain chemicals like melatonin and serotonin, introduce as much natural light into your workspace as possible! More natural light can affect your mood and productivity. Keep blinds open and try to angle your computer screen away from direct exposure to the sun to reduce glare. If natural light isn't readily available, a mix of different types of artificial lighting can still lighten your mood. Replace tungsten bulbs with newer, flicker-free LEDs.


Whether you're sitting or standing in the same position for hours on end, poor posture and form can end up being a real pain in the neck! One of the easiest ergonomic issues you can address is the height of your monitor. While looking directly forward, position the top of your monitor at eye-level. If your monitor doesn't have an adjustable stand, you may need to place a sturdy box, riser or other prop to maintain the appropriate height. You can also buy a height-adjustable VESA mount to attach to the monitor to your desk or nearby wall. Beyond your monitor, there are a number of different chair options and desk configurations that can help to prevent ergonomic injury. Switch up your posture every few hours to avoid straining the same joints and muscles. Chairs with a variety of adjustable position points can help you change posture with a few easy tweaks. Breathable fabric can also help you stay comfortable and reduce unpleasant sweating.


Our brains respond to color in complex ways. An appropriate variety and balance in the colors in our workspace environment can improve both mood and performance. Avoid painting an entire wall with an intense red color, but you don't necessarily have to stick with boring, institutional white or beige. Tastefully selected artwork that complements the room's color palette can  pictures can also improve an office immensely. Try introducing some of your own artwork into your workspace. Many online printing services will now print to canvas, so you can make your psychedelic Photoshop creations look professional. Photograph some bright flowers, blow up huge, print on canvas—easy. Of course we always like to interject color with our glassboards or LINK products for the added benefit of color and a functional communication tool.


Nothing will freshen up a work area like a little bit of nature. Bring the outside environment inside with open windows, potted plants and other natural decor. Plants will improve the air quality, add a dose of color and can give you an excuse to take a break and relax as you water them. Modern offices are full of artificial elements and stuffy air. When possible, open windows to invite in a fresh breath of air.


When a deadline is looming, any kind of visual distraction has the potential to derail your productivity. Tackle the mess of tangled cables to remove one obvious eyesore. Braided sleeves, twist ties, and even cardboard tubing can be used in a pinch to quickly organize cabling. File or shred loose paperwork, trash any junk you've held on to, clean up crumbs, dust and otherwise remove anything from your field of view that might keep you away from accomplishing the task at hand.


Some people are naturally motivated by being around other energized individuals. If you're one of those people and your work area is closed off from others, consider removing dividers and other obstacles to improve collaboration and communication with your neighbors. If you're the kind of person that needs privacy to work at peak performance, adding walls or barriers, using earplugs or headphones, or situating yourself better in a corner or separate area all might help improve your output at work.



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