Why Nexus Whiteboards are a Great Choice for Schools



3 Benefits of Mobile Whiteboards for Effective Classroom Learning

When it comes to lesson plans and learning environment aesthetics, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more meaningful use of a teacher’s time (aside from interacting with students directly). Whether they’re color-coding their storage systems or adding inspiring messages on the walls, teachers know these elements greatly impact the learning environment. While the design and layout of the classroom is important, interactive functionality tends to be the key for keeping students engaged.

Research has shown time and time again that multisensory, hands-on learning is the best way for students to discover new ideas and retain knowledge. One of the best and most affordable ways to do this is by incorporating mobile whiteboards into the classroom. Mobile whiteboards offer flexible functionality, allowing students to share individual ideas at a small or whole group level. They’re typically easy to move, easy to use, and simple to clean. Aside from ease of use, here are 3 benefits of mobile whiteboards for effective classroom learning:

1. Recording Individual Insights During Group Activities
In this type of session, students can record ideas and discoveries on a removable whiteboard during a group breakout session.

2. Discussing Individual Insights from One Cohesive Display
When the group breakout session ends, the class returns to display each whiteboard together at one time and discuss individual findings. This way, collaborative interaction is elevated and more learning and creativity takes place.

3. Including Movement During Sessions
Movement is an important factor for accelerated learning, and mobile whiteboards allow students to take the conversation anywhere. 


Where to Start
Every learning environment needs that extra “edge”, and mobile whiteboards are perfect for the job. A great place to start would be to think about displaying primary information in an accessible, organized, and dynamic manner. Functional furnishings such as the Nexus Easel+ make this possible, resulting in ease of use for teachers, and enhanced learning for the students. Collaborative mobility enables discussions that can happen anywhere with little to no overhead, and is a promising investment for classrooms everywhere.


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