Ghent, Waddell, & VividBoard Unveil Showroom at NeoCon 2018

NeoCon 2018 GMi Showroom 1060

Visit GMi Companies in Showroom 1060

GMi Companies, the parent company of Ghent, Waddell, and VividBoard is extremely excited to announce the opening of our showroom in theMart at NeoCon 2018 in Chicago. The newly formed showroom is located on the tenth floor in space 1060.

“We been a part of NeoCon for over twenty years. We couldn’t be more exicted to open our showroom during the 50th anniversary year,” said CEO Mark Leasure. “We’ve always had great conversations about our innovative communications solutions, and we know this year will be no different. We want the community to think differently about ancillary products like glassboards and whiteboards.”

And think differently is what we hope you will do.

The doors will open on Monday, June 11th and will feature products from all brands of GMi Companies: Ghent, Waddell and VividBoard.

The flagship brand of GMI, Ghent, will showcase a variety of glassboards, whiteboards, mobile whiteboards and bulletin boards intended to help you communicate, collaborate, and learn together. Our award winning communication boards will be on display for you to interact with.

Not to be outdone, Waddell is changing the face of display furniture by showcasing the styles and designs that are being requested for spaces today. Our latest offering, Pallet, combines collaboration tools like whiteboards with space division functionality.

VividBoard will be showcasing patient care boards for use in all areas of hospitals and other healthcare organizations. See how a custom designed graphic dry erase board improves patient communication, satisfaction and engagement.

“We have successfully integrated all of our brands into one space and are excited to tell our story while showcasing our innovative products,” said Ashley Blevins, Marketing Manager at GMi Companies. “By collaborating with IA Interiors of Chicago, our vision of developing a space that promotes depth, drama, and creativity to the ancillary segment is now a reality.”

We would love to invite all attendees to our Showroom Opening party Monday, June 11th in space 1060 from 2pm to 5pm. Join GMI for drinks, to share stories, and think differently about visual communication products.


About GMi Companies

GMi Companies, headquartered in Lebanon, Ohio, is a leading US manufacturer of visual communication products and display solutions to help people communicate, collaborate and learn. Ghent products include whiteboards, glassboards, mobiles, tackboards, easels, enclosed message centers, and more. Waddell manufactures display furniture in a variety of applications to meet any environment. VividBoard custom dry-erase boards are used in healthcare as patient room boards to promote communication and patient satisfaction. All GMi Companies products are sold through dealers specializing in office and education throughout North America.

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