Ghent Glassboards Partner with BIFMA to set Glass Markerboard Standards


In 2017, we were approached by Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) to help develop standards for glass whiteboards for manufacturers who are selling into the market. BIFMA is a trade association for manufacturers and has been the voice of the commercial furniture industry since 1973.

Setting Standards:
Our expertise in manufacturing glassboards allowed us to define standards for the manufacturing process to ensure that safety and quality standards are met throughout the industry. Standards were set for the following categories:

  1. Safety Performance
  2. Glass Used for Whiteboards
  3. Tempering or Laminating
  4. Seismic Consideration

The most important standard outlined was safety. Our engineering department met with BIFMA and other glass manufacturers to determine the series of tests that would be required to maintain a sense of security and durability; these are tests we were already performing to ensure the safety of our glassboards.

Through the collaboration, we determined the following test integral to the success of glassboards in the industry: the Horizontal Pull test is used to measure the strength of the attachment method to the board by pulling down on the glassboard. The Vertical Load test evaluates the performance when subjected to vertical force that may result in normal loadings, board removal attempts, or potential misuse by children climbing. And finally, the Vertical Creep test evaluates the long-term success of the board, hanging hardware, adhesion of paints/adhesives to the glass surface.

We were also instrumental in explaining the types of glass that were suggested for whiteboard applications. Only flat glass meets the BIFMA and Ghent standards, which are laid out in ASTM C1036-12. Finally, all glassboards must use safety glass, the two most common are tempering (heat-strengthened) and laminating.

We were proud to be on the team to write these standards. You can be confident that glass whiteboards from Ghent adhere to the high quality standards we strive for every day. Download the BIFMA glass whiteboard standard here.

Ghent Glassboards:
Glass whiteboards by Ghent meet and exceed BIFMA’s standards that we helped create. All Ghent glassboards use ¼” tempered glass as a standard, ensuring that your board will not bow, bend, or ghost. Request a quote for today!




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