Glassboards Made Easy - Designed For You

Glassboards Made Easy - Designed For You

The age of open offices has brought about rustic spaces and spelled death for the
cubicle farms. As modern offices change to keep up with the times, colored boards
are replacing their white counterparts.

Ghent glassboards are here to keep your office in line with the times and most
importantly, we make it easy for you. Read below about why you should choose
Ghent glassboards.


1. Color  

Bold choices of colors are making their way into traditionally gray spaces. With the functionality of a regular whiteboard and the playful versatility of 13 standard colors as well as custom color matching, Ghent glassboards are the perfect way to add color to your office space.


2. Designs 

Ghent has a complete line of options to choose from, Aria low profile to Harmony glassboards with standoffs, no matter the design aesthetic we have you covered. Boards can be hung vertically or horizontally, and even next to each other 
to design a glass wall.


3. Choices 

All Ghent glassboards are offered in seven sizes ranging from 2x3' to 4x10' as well as custom sizes.


4. Branding 

We make it easy for you to brand any of our glassboards, try a simple logo or an actual design. Let our design team help you create a functional piece of artwork.


5. Arrives As Expected  

When we say damage-free, we mean it. We stand by our promise to deliver our products on time and damage free, trust Ghent, the lowest damage rates in the industry!




6. Quick Ship

Need your glassboards fast? Ghent holds the most comprehensive quick ship program offering white glassboards for both Aria and Harmony in all standard sizes, magnetic or non-magnetic.

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