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Aria Low Profile Glassboard Benefits

In modern workplace design, there's been a noticeable shift in the quality, appearance, and function of workplace furniture. When specifying furniture and fixtures that will adorn a newly constructed office building, co-working space or business, the pieces of furniture must double as a decorative accent. But, we can't choose these pieces without finding the perfect balance between aesthetics, reliability, and utilization. If you concentrate too heavily on one of these traits or ignore another, you risk filling a space with products that weaken design intent.

With these ideas in mind, we developed our newest glassboard, Aria. The low profile glassboard demonstrates the path to innovation that exists in today's workplaces and educational institutions. Glass and glass writing surfaces have become increasingly popular; the sleek, customizable surface offers a balance between form and function that hasn't always existed. This isn't just an assumption; over the last three years we've seen an increase in glass sales and since our launch of Aria in April 2016, it has become one of our most requested products. The beautiful writing surface offers:

  1. Versatility in design including color and orientation. The board can be hung horizontally or vertically, with the ability to mount the boards side-by-side to create a glass wall.
  2. 1/4" tempered glass ensures strength, and security, especially when compared to glassboards made with 1/8" glass.
  3. Floating off the wall, the frameless board adds a modern twist to a traditional product. The frameless glass dry erase surface was designed with no visible hanging hardware.
  4. An integrated accessory solution creates a clutter-free writing surface that is easy to clean while keeping markers and erasers within arms reach.
  5. Available in eight standard colors and can be customized to match the design or brand of any interior space by printing a logo or design on the board.


At Ghent, our goal is to continue to develop products with innovation in mind. We strive to manufacture the best products available, considering quality, sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics; Aria is the perfect example of this. As a company, we make sure we cover the basics while challenging you to think of communication and brainstorming in a whole new light.

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