4 Bulletin Boards and Where to Use Them


The bulletin board is a long trusted tool used to spread information from one person to the next. Since the founding in 1924, the bulletin board has changed the way people communicate, subsequently becoming a staple in schools, offices, businesses, and homes. Ghent has been manufacturing bulletin boards since 1976, and in those 40 years, we have learned to perfect our products. With different colors, materials, frames, and sizes our bulletin board guide will help you find the one that's right for you.

Cork Bulletin Board:

Ghent's Traditional Cork Bulletin Boards are offered in 10 sizes with aluminum, oak wood, or image trim frame options. Ghent's Premium Cork Bulletin Boards are offered in 5 sizes with aluminum or oak wood frame options. Traditional boards use 1/32" self-healing cork, and premium boards use 1/8" self-healing cork, both on 3/8" fiberboard.  

Where would you put a traditional bulletin board?

Ghent's Cork Bulletin Boards are made using a thick cork layer and durable backing. The design adds resiliency to your corkboard, ensuring the surface won't crumble, pull off the backing or lose the strength to hold tacks and pins. Because of the board thickness, you don't need to worry about damaging the wall with traditional tacks or pins. We recommend using Ghent's Cork Bulletin Boards in schools and offices and businesses where daily use occurs.

Vinyl Bulletin Boards:

Ghent's Vinyl Bulletin Board is offered in 10 sizes with 8 color options (Caramel, Ebony, Ivory, Ocean, Navy, Silver, Stone, and Berry). The Vinyl bulletin board is offered in a DecoAurora frame, aluminum frame, and frameless option.

Where would you put a vinyl bulletin board?

Vinyl is water resistant meaning you can clean the bulletin board, removing dirt and bacteria. The durable material shrinks and masks pin holes, allowing you to use the board without seeing signs of wear. We recommend using Ghent's Vinyl Bulletin Board in healthcare and customer service industries where disinfecting/a clean surface is important.

Recycled Rubber Bulletin Board:

Ghent's Recycled Rubber Bulletin Boards are offered in 9 sizes with aluminum and oak or cherry finished wood frame options. The recycled rubber tackable surface is offered in 3 styles (Black, Speckled Tan, and Confetti). The bulletin surface is made with 90% real recycled tires.

Where would you put a recycled rubber bulletin board?

The elasticity of recycled rubber immediately fills pinholes, making it an extremely durable surface. Because rubber stretches and holds its shape, you don't need to worry about damage from repeated use. Most importantly, the bulletin board is made of 90% recycled material and meets the industry standard of a "green" communication tool. We recommend using Ghent's Recycled Rubber Bulletin Board in schools and offices where heavy daily use occurs or have environmental requirements.

Fabric Bulletin Board:

Ghent's Fabric Bulletin Board is offered in 8 sizes with 7 fabric colors (Beige, Gray, Navy, Teal, Taupe, Red and Black). We also offer our "Customer's Own Material" program. Customize even further by sending us your fabric to be incorporated into the board. Our fabric bulletin boards are offered in 4 wood finished frames (cherry, espresso, maple, walnut) and a frameless option with rounded corners.

Where would you put a fabric bulletin board?

With color and custom options, Ghent's Fabric Bulletin Boards feed the designer in all of us. Our team will work with you to find a bulletin board that will compliment any interior while providing a long-lasting tack surface. The textured fabric masks pin holes and won't weaken over time. We recommend using Ghent's Fabric Bulletin Boards in offices and businesses where design aesthetic is important.

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