How to Choose the Write Surface - Part 2

Now that you've read How to Choose the Write Surface- Part 1 it's time do decide which dry erase surface is right for you. Ghent has been manufacturing whiteboards for over 40 years; with our large collection of magnetic, non-magnetic, and glass whiteboards to choose from, we are positive you will find the board for you.

Your glassboard options:
Ghent's low profile glass whiteboard, Aria, floats 1/2" off the wall with no visible hanging hardware. The board can be installed vertically, horizontally, or as a glass wall with Ghent’s unique cleated hanging system. Aria is offered in 8 colors (peach, green, blue, black, gray, white, yellow, beige), magnetic or nonmagnetic, and 6 sizes with integrated underneath marker storage, leaving a clutter-free writing surface.

Ghent's Harmony glass whiteboards are offered in radius corners and square corners with standoffs that match the corner shape. The board can be installed horizontally or vertically and features our Hideaway clear acrylic marker storage. Harmony is offered in 8 colors (peach, green, blue, black, gray, white, yellow, beige) and frosted, magnetic or nonmagnetic, and 6 sizes.

Where would you put a glassboard?
We recommend installing Ghent's Aria and Harmony Glassboards in offices, conference rooms, and higher education classrooms/collaboration spaces. A glassboard is perfect for remodels and renovations. Our glass whiteboards incorporate seamlessly into modern design, acting as a design highlight, as well as a necessary tool.

Your whiteboard options:
Ghent's porcelain magnetic whiteboards are ghost, stain, and scratch resistant. The porcelain boards are offered in a variety of sizes, with frame options to match any design aesthetic (aluminum, wood, DecoAurora, Impression, Image Trim, DecoQuest).

Ghent's painted steel magnetic whiteboards are ghost and stain resistant. The painted steel boards are offered in a variety of sizes, with frame options (aluminum, wood, Cintra). 

Where would you put a whiteboard?
We recommend installing porcelain magnetic whiteboards in high traffic areas, where the board will be used daily. You can put a porcelain whiteboard anywhere you'd put a glassboard, including offices, conference rooms, and classrooms. So why choose porcelain over glass? If you know you will be using the board in a room with bright lights/ large windows or have a large audience, a porcelain board may be the better choice. The board’s low-reflection quality and bright white surface make it easier to read in certain spaces.

If quality and price are your deciding factors, Ghent's painted sheet whiteboard is the best option. Painted steel whiteboards can be used regularly in offices and classrooms, but make sure to clean the surface after your finished. Keeping the dry erase surface in good condition will extend the life of the board well beyond the 20-year manufacturer warranty.

Your whiteboard options:
Non-Magnetic Whiteboards eco-friendly clear coat writing surface fights staining and ghosting, is made with 100% biodegradable surface material and is CARB compliant. Offered in both wood and aluminum frames in a variety of sizes.

Where would you put a whiteboard?
Ghent's non-magnetic whiteboards are recommended for occasional use and perform well in break rooms, manufacturing, and production. Also, our non-magnetic boards would be a good choice if you are working on a budget or are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to a melamine whiteboard. It is important to clean the board after use to protect from ghosting and staining, making sure the board will perform just as you expected.

If you read this and are thinking "None of these options are right for me" don't worry, Ghent has a lot more to choose from. Take a look at our collaboration products, mobile whiteboards, and visual communication tools at

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