Introducing Aria by Ghent - Flush Mounted Glassboards


Introducing Aria flush mounted glass boards! No visible hardware or stand-offs, allows the beauty of the glass to complement any decor. Our team of engineers developed a heavy-duty hanging system that promotes security and confidence that your board will never bow, strain, or move from the wall. With multiple orientation options, Aria can be used as a single board for personal offices and conference rooms, or designed as a glass wall for the optimum brainstorming and collaboration space. 

Most Secure – heavy-duty hanging system gives confidence the board will never bow, strain, or move, creating a safe user experience.
Quality – non-porous glass surface works with standard dry-erase markers and will not ghost or stain - guaranteed. 
Low Profile – 1/4" tempered glass floats only 1/2" from the wall surface

Limitless – design your space by choosing to hang Aria vertically, horizontally, singular, or as a glass wall. 
Sustainable – 100% recyclable; composed of recycled glass and sand.

 – magnetic markers adhere under the glassboard allowing for a clutter-free writing surface. 


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