Colors In The Workplace


The age of trendy workplaces has brought about the advent of rustic spaces and spelled death for the cubicle farms of yore—and as modern offices change to keep up with the times, colored boards are replacing their white counterparts.  

Ghent glassboards are here to keep your office in line with the times. Read on for 3 trends that Ghent glass boards can help you take advantage of.

  1. Collaboration. Maintaining a brainstorm-friendly atmosphere means adopting more open floor plans that are conducive to sharing ideas. Ghent glassboards can be the perfect gathering place for your next big idea.
  2. Open floor plans. To further facilitate collaborative spaces, drywall is disappearing in favor of open floor plans. That means that wall space has to be expertly allocated—and there’s no better way to use walls than to pass along messages or share ideas using Ghent glass boards. 
  3. Color. Bold choices of colors are making their way into traditionally grey spaces. With the functionality of a regular whiteboard and the playful versatility of eight colors, Ghent glassboards are the perfect way to add color to your office space.

Use Ghent glassboards to usher your office into 2016 while creating a positive and productive workspace. Interest piqued? Learn more here.


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