4 Ways That Ghent Outlasts The Competition


When it comes to choosing a whiteboard, we understand that collaboration is your first priority. At Ghent, we want you to leave the rest to us. That’s why our glassboards are built to last—with a 50-year warranty, a variety of finish options and an assortment of sizes, the only thing you’ll have to worry about are the ideas we help you bring to life.


While choosing just any glassboard might be tempting, our goal is to make your shopping process a no-brainer. Not sold yet? See for yourself below:

1. Ghent Outlasts The Competition

Our glassboards come with a 50-year warranty that is 10 times that of our competitors. Ours is the highest warranty in the industry because we believe that our product is the best, hands down.


2. Ghent Is Sturdier

While most comparable products use a 1/8” thick glass, we aimed to double it with 1/4” thick glass that won’t bow, bend, or strain with use.


3. Accessories Included 

We value the whole solution when it comes to glassboards.  That is why our accessories are included with all purchases. You will receive our industry-loved hidden accessory tray, four markers, and one eraser with all Harmony glassboard products. This allows your accessories to be stored in a compact, easily accessible location that does not interfere with overall writing surface and beauty of the glassboard.


4. On-Time & Damage Free

We are also committed to delivering our glassboards to you on-time and damage-free.  In an industry that is notorious for high damage rates (up to 20%), Ghent has less than a 2% damage rate! We also do NOT charge an outrageous crating fee, our worry-free packaging protects our glassboards throughout their distribution journey. Go ahead, relax and trust Ghent!

At Ghent, we take these beliefs seriously. We aim to out-perform, outlast and out-simplify our competitors in order to create the ideal collaboration environment for you. For more information about our Harmony Glassboards, click here.



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