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Delivering products and experiences that leave our customers with a feeling of “That’s Exactly What I Wanted!” is our mission. We strive to go above and beyond for our customers. Leave your testimonial below or read what our happy customers have to say.


"The students loved the Nexus Easel +. It made small group work very easy. The students enjoyed mounting the smaller boards on the stand and sharing their work. The board can also be used to display parts of a whole (math problem or the parts of a story) or to allow students to post opinions under different categories. So much potential use in both small group and large group settings."
Renee H.

"I buy from you because I know I can trust you. The product quality is reliable and you stand by your promises."
Tony N.

"From the moment this product arrived in my classroom, my students were so excited and eager to use the new tool. Over the course of time, the excitement did not dwindle. Students took to it so well; they were working on both sides of the board to utilize it as much as possible."
Katie P.

"I don’t remember the last time I worked with a company who cared so much about customer satisfaction."
Anne B.

"Great for any way you teach — individual, small group, or whole group. Students love showing off their ideas and understandings by displaying the boards on the frame."
Renee H.

"There aren’t many companies out there like GMi. You’ve exceeded my expectations again."
Josh M.

"I loved the Nexus Easel +. It was great for displaying work and referring tomultiple student examples simultaneously. It is so mobile and easy to lock into place and this product was designed well — especially the rounded edges — helping to protect my students’ heads. The Nexus Easel + gave us a great place to display student thinking. Its mobility, quality of white-board, and convenience to students were perfect."
Christina D.

"I loved the height of the easel and that it came with multiple easels that students could grab and use."
Jamie W.

"The Nexus Easel + was so easy to use and very helpful. It was compact and easy to move out of the way."
Kimberely D.


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